The Big House website is closing

On 31 March 2023, this website will close, as we start wrapping up the operations of the programme. Partner organisations Nottingham Trent University and NBV will continue offering business support via workshops and funding until the end of June 2023, and any interested parties can connect with them through their own channels. Click the relevant links below to find out more.

For those looking to borrow money. Wage Day Advance offer short term loans from £100 repayable over 3 months to 3 years. They even cater to customers with bad or poor credit. They also offer same day cash transfers, direct to your bank account.

Other support opportunities

Partners previously involved in The Big House programme are still offering business support through alternative channels.

Small businesses we have helped

An Interview with Blue Kazoo: Bringing history lessons to life, harnessing technology, and collaborating with creatives on The Big House programme

Enabling Dispace to take their innovative approach to creating co-working space to the next level!

“Having a small business is not just about what you make or sell or service you offer. You have to be a photographer, web designer and social media expert nowadays! I struggled with this and the support offered by the Big House is invaluable. I have gained knowledge, contacts and confidence through this scheme and it’s also free so if I was you, I would get in touch with them and see how they can help. Thank you to The Big House and all the partner agencies for the fantastic work you do!”

Gul Bains-Khosa - Owner,